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(1 of 14) Same-sex couple Phillip Alvarado, left, and Matthew Hawk, right,  of San Francisco, fill out forms for a marriage license at City Hall in San  ...

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An opponent of same-sex marriage rallies outside the court Wednesday.

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Judge vaughn walker tells his side of prop. 8 trial. . Judge who struck down proposition 8 knew case would go far. Judge vaughn r. walker is seen in his chambers at the phillip burton federal building. Vaughn walker kept the “gay” out of gay olympics. photo: mike kepka. Prop 8 trial judge: yep, he’s gay. u.s. district court judge vaughn walker’s …. Judge vaughn walker in his chambers at the. “gay” card played in prop. 8 appeal. Judge vaughn walker, who is in a same-sex relationship, overturned a ban on gay marriage last year. now, a court will decide whether he was fit to make that …. Judge vaughn walker, who retired a few months after his landmark decision, confirms that he himself is homosexual.. Is judge vaughn walker really gay?. Justice kennedy at center of gay rights decisions for a decade. San francisco (ap) — rumors swirled that the federal judge who had struck down california’s same-sex marriage ban last summer was gay, but the lawyers …. Gay and lesbian couples thought they might be able to marry today, but were disappointed. John lewis, a plaintiff in the freedom to marry in california case in 2008 and. 8 stay – gay marriages on hold. Gay marriage: court weighs validity of prop. 8 ruling by gay judge. At san francisco’s city hall, supporters of gay marriage celebrate the supreme court doma ruling. 8 overturned: why vaughn walker ruled against gay-marriage ban. Judge vaughn walker overturns proposition 8, california gay marriage ban. Green light and delay on same-sex marriage. A stockton, calif., man lends his support to gay marriage outside city hall in san francisco in august 2010. on aug. 4, judge vaughn walker struck down the …. Retired u.s. district judge vaughn walker. photo: rick
gerharter. After doma ruling, binational gay couples face new issues. … ruling on california’s gay-marriage ban in san francisco on august 4, 2010. chief u.s. district judge vaughn walker overturned california’s proposition …. Court overturns doma, sidesteps broad gay marriage ruling. Supreme court ruling against same-sex marriage could create legal chaos. Former chief judge vaughn walker (daniel solomon/gsd). Book: lawyer who defended calif. gay marriage ban plans daughter’s gay wedding. Christine rhodes, left, and kathleen cowan, who hope to be married, reacted to judge vaughn walker’s ruling that he was lifting his stay of new marriages, …. In calif., prop. 8 debate tests limits of tolerance. The daughters of bilitis (dob), the first lesbian-centered organization founded in. George clooney, brad pitt and more of hollywood perform prop. 8 play ‘8’ (video). Once upon a time, gay activists hated vaughn walker for legally squashing the gay olympics. but this weekend the san francisco chronicle definitively …. Same-sex marriages ok as of aug. 18: judge. Michael knaapen (left) and his husband, john becker, embrace outside the supreme. The california supreme court overturns the ban on same-sex marriage in a 4-. Chief u.s. district judge vaughn walker rules proposition 8 is unconstitutional but issues a stay on. It’s all politics. Entertainer and drag queen jose sarria runs for san francisco supervisor, the first openly gay. Gay marriage at the supreme court: a ‘real couple’ behind prop 8 challenge. Decision to televise prop 8 hearing would have impact beyond gay marriage. Despite waving a big gay flag, president donald trump hasn’t turned out to. Same-sex couples from left sarah shuchter and april williamson, second from left,. . Harvey milk is sworn in to the san francisco board of supervisors becoming the first openly. Same-sex marriage, around the world. . San francisco mayor gavin newsom authorizes the county clerk to begin issuing marriage licenses to same. California insurance commissioner ricardo lara. Same-sex couple ariel owens (right) and his spouse joseph barham walk arm. 9th circuit lifts its stay on gay marriage; la and san francisco immediately resume weddings. . . The same-sex “marriage” proposal is unjust discrimination. 1 / 50. About. Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. indeed, the evidence shows …. . … francisco on the case challenging california’s ban on same-sex marriages. his unlikely partner, david boies, is at right. credit kimberly white/reuters. Prop 8: gay marriages can resume in california, court rules – los angeles times. Enlarge this image. Billy bradford waves flags outside city hall after a judge lifted the proposition 8 stay on. . Report: anti-gay tv ads swayed prop. 8 voters. San francisco – august 04: same-sex couple shelly bailes (l) and. President obama becomes the first sitting president to endorse same-sex marriage.. Brandon benoit, martha acevedo (left) and briana castaneda celebrate the supreme court rulings. . Jimmy walker. San francisco hosts the gay games, an international sports and culture event.. Dennis prager lashes out at n.y. times over orchestra controversy. Gay marriage: the long road to supreme court. A riot breaks out at compton’s cafeteria between police officers and drag queens. several are. The court also cleared the way for gay marriages to resume in california. one of. 8: judges express doubts about california gay marriage ban. San francisco city hall is lit up in rainbow colors the night before the city’s gay pride parade. (wally skalij / los angeles times). California supreme court declines to stop gay marriages. Julie a nice. Us district judge vaughn walker is the judge who issued the ruling that prop 8, which bans same sex marriage in california, is unconstitutional.. Buttons opposing proposition 8 are displayed during a rally to celebrate the ruling to overturn proposition. Prop 8. Joshua gunter, right, and bryan shields attend a las vegas rally to celebrate an. … allan hoyle of north carolina (center) protests gay marriage outside the supreme court. (carolyn kaster/ap) (ap) …. Sen. lindsey graham voted out dozens of president trump’s judicial nominees in his first act. Gay marriage on trial in san francisco. A group marches down polk street to city hall in san francisco’s first gay rights march. In a historic victory for gay rights, the u.s. supreme court rules 5-4. Gmad staff at their office on atlantic avenue, brooklyn (from left to right): george bellinger jr., christopher johnson, and vaughn taylor-akutagawa (photo …. Proposition 8: federal judge overturns california gay marriage ban.