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Mike May of Cleveland argues against same-sex marriage in a debate outside  the Supreme

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Newlyweds jeff delmay and todd delmay hug during a marriage ceremony in a miami courtroom january. Chad biggs, left, and chris creech say their wedding vows at the wake county. William roletter, left, and paul rowe get close after having their photo taken with. Jennifer melsop, left, and erika turner kiss after they were married in front of. At the state capitol in st. paul, minnesota, gov. mark dayton signs. Carlos mcknight of washington waves a flag in support of same-sex marriage outside the. The white house is lit up in rainbow colors in commemoration of the supreme court&#. A couple celebrates at san francisco city hall upon hearing about the u.s. supreme court rulings. Joshua gunter, right, and bryan shields attend a las vegas rally to celebrate an. Phyllis siegel, right, kisses her wife, connie kopelov, after exchanging vows at. Jamous lizotte, right, and steven jones pose for photos while waiting for a marriage. . Political impact of same-sex marriage. On march 1, 2012, maryland gov. martin o'malley,. Australian labor party blocks same-sex marriage vote. Ariel olah, left, and her fiancee, katie boatman, are overcome by emotion. Singing in parliament after same-sex vote. Just watched. clinton on gay marriage at cnn townhall. From left, plaintiffs moudi sbeity; his partner, derek kitchen; kody partridge;. Cnn exclusive: one conservative’s dramatic reversal on gay marriage. Lead intv david axelrod senior adviser obama_00000125. Same-sex activists hug outside the parliament in taipei on may 24, 2017 as. Gay marriage australia pkg lu stout_00021804. Julia tate, left, kisses her wife, lisa mcmillin, in nashville, tennessee. Taiwan moves closer to legalizing gay marriage. 2016 scotus quote ted cruz new. . Gay judge’s ruling upheld. . 2016 scotus quote bobby jindal. Interior design guru nate berkus, left, and jeremiah brent tied the knot in new. photos: gay celebs and marriage. Cnn exclusive: one conservative’s dramatic reversal on gay marriage – cnnpolitics. Meet the lawyers who will argue the gay marriage case. Rick warren on gay marriage. cnn. Jennifer rambo, right, kisses her kristin seaton after their marriage ceremony in front of. Andrew damron of brooklyn, new york, holds up a sign with the motto &quot. Cnn's anderson cooper <a href="http:. Columnist liz smith <a href="http://www. photos: gay celebs and marriage. On october 21, 2013, cory booker, right, officiates a wedding ceremony for. Anderson cooper covering orlando shooting with touch of empathyanderson cooper covering orlando shooting with touch of empathy. . Latin america’s first gay marriage halted. . Activists prepare for gay marriage decision. Video: malawi gay marriage controversy. “. States, counties push back against gay marriage ruling. . . . Protesters stand in the street as they face riot police on sunday, may 26,. . 2016 scotus quote bernie sanders. . Gay rights supporters celebrate after a us supreme court ruling that same-sex couples have. . Same-sex couples kiss during a protest by the lgbt community at the bolivar square. While accepting a humanitarian award in 2012, "white collar" star <. Kristen nichole captured this photo of two women celebrating the decision to legalize same-sex. Shante wolfe, left, and tori sisson become the first same-sex couple to. Image. . Same-sex marriage supporters rejoice after the u.s supreme court hands down a ruling regarding. “@cnnafrica: why are nigerians terrified of same-sex marriage in america?”. Minnesota same-sex marriage fight re-energized — on both sides – cnnpolitics. . … right, and martha harper from wendell, n.c., hold signs in support of the national organization for marriage tuesday, aug. 10, 2010, in raleigh, n.c.. (cnn) — united methodist churches and clergy could face removal from the denomination if they do not affirm its stance against gay marriage and noncelibate …. 2016 scotus quote hillary clinton. Cnn host to rubio on gay marriage: ‘you’re the candidate of yesterday’ (video). Donald trump’s stance on same-sex marriage shut down when cnn host asks: ‘what’s traditional about being married three times?’. Actor kirk cameron spoke out against gay marriage and homosexuality on cnn friday.. ‘clinton news network’: cnn promotes clinton’s ‘surprising’ pro-gay marriage op-ed. Supporters of same-sex marriage rallied in front of the supreme court on june 26. Colin powell endorses gay marriage in cnn interview (video). . Ben carson: people choose to be gay, and prison proves it. . John lewis (left) and stuart gaffney arrive at san francisco’s city hall to hear. To wed: cnn anchor anderson cooper plans to marry his long-term boyfriend,. Mitt romney on same-sex marriage (may 9, 2012). . Social media lights up over scotus same-sex marriage ruling. Charles cooper, the lawyer arguing to uphold proposition 8, answers questions for reporters after. Challenge to michigan’s gay marriage ban grows from adoption case. Alabama chief justice: ‘this is not about my feelings. it’s about the law.’. The supreme court legalized same-sex marriage in the us after years of legal battles. . . Landrieu fails to lead on gay marriage. Trump could reverse same-sex marriage, says plaintiff who helped legalise it.