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Thus when these babies are born, doctors will note that they have no anus but have poop coming out of their penis! they will need corrective surgery for …. Mildlypenis. (little girl saying that looking at her naked dad -accidentally- by entering the bathroom and thinking his penis was a torpedo of poop) that girl was me.. Illustration for article titled time for your worst-ever poop stories. This guy accidentally pooped in his pants during his first date and it s way too hilarious – video dailymotion. Gross dick poop butthole – o_o_o_o omg the poop it sit it!. Dank, driving, and emo: when you’re on a driving lesson but. Tennis superstar andy murray accidentally shows penis on instagram! look!. 21 gross things women deal with during sex, because your gag reflex is there for a reason. Anon watches some porn …. I’m pretty sure i just accidentally ate a spiders nest. i want to take a blowtorch to my mouth.. Shit, taken, and penis: fully erect penis max wood Where music meets your desktop. 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Mfw mom sees me eating corn from my poop …. 21 gross things women deal with during sex, because your gag reflex is there for a reason. Holsters. Poop, home, and voice: this is my home now [me right now. Share on facebook. An ob/gyn answers all your queefing questions. Share on facebook. Hypospadias repair: taking care of your child at home after the operation. Agghhhh, so we went camping this weekend and holy shit, allllllll night long someone was waking us up. first it was my friend’s kid who was like wahhhhhh, …. . Episode 113 – dick on green eggs and body dysmorphia. Poop, shower, and dank memes: when u enema in the shower an accidentally poop everywhere an have 2 squish it down tha drain with ur feet. Lazy, memes, and shit: purposely riding his dick lazy so he can get. The male reproductive system. A 38-year-old florida man was rushed to the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the penis. however, in this case self-inflicted doesn’t mean it …. 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