This site covers all theatrical activities in the Illawarra region. That is, the Wollongong, Kiama and Shellharbour areas, approximately 90 km south of Sydney, Australia.

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What's New in Illawarra Theatre


Hair - Love Rock Musical 22nd July to 6th August
Letter To Lindy 26th July to 6th August
Never Did Me Any Harm 12th to 13th August
The Mariage of Figaro 16th to 17th August
The Hansard Monologues 17th to 20th August
23rd Korimul Gang Show 26th and 27th August
Kiss Me Kate 19th August to 3rd September
The Wharf Revue 6th to 10th September
Othello 13th to 17th September
Workshop Theatre - Work Shorts 2016 7th to 17th September
Carnival of the Animals 29th to 30th September

Productions lined up for August and September

See Stage Whispers - Issue and list of Features July - August 2016

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2016 Season Phoenix Theatre Co.
2016 Season Roo Theatre Co.
2016 SeasonWollongong Workshop Theatre
2016 SeasonArcadians Theatre Group


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